Warranty, returns and refunding
• The warranty we provide for distilling machines and accessories is standard 2 years, according to EU regulations, with the condition the end user complies to all user instructions on assembling and operating the device. The warranty we provide is against manufacturing defects and not defects that are the result of poor operation or wrong handling. All defects that come as a result of wrong handling, chemical, physical, electrical or thermal deterioration are not covered by warranty and as a result, warranty will become invalid.

• Warranty claims have to be passed to SC Profimatic SRL, the issues claimed by customers will be solved on the basis of relevant proof or conversations. SC Profimatic SRL will make all necessary steps in order to repair or change the device or accessories with service issues. End customers are responsible for sending the device/accessories to our address, using their own means, liability in what concerns the safety of the parcel from the customer`s location to SC Profimatic SRL address falls in the responsability of the client.

• SC Profimatic SRL will repair/change/test the device/accessories and send them back to the client in 15 days that run from the day the parcel has been received by SC Profimatic SRL unless special events that forbid SC Profimatic SRL from fulfilling the request occur. Liability and costs for sending the parcel back to the client fall in the responsibility of SC Profimatic SRL.

• SC Profimatic SRL accepts returns in 15 days that run from the date the end customer has received the product and ONLY WITH THE CONDITION THAT THE DEVICE/ACCESSORIES WILL BE RETURNED IN THE SAME (ORIGINAL) CONDITION AND PACKAGING THEY HAVE BEEN SENT INITIALLY BY SC PROFIMATIC SRL. The client will be refunded the sum paid for the device, but not the cost of the original post and packaging. Also, you are responsible for getting the product to us.

• If the client fails to send the device in its original condition, and starts using the device, thinking that this could be a free rental service for a period of time, SC Profimatic SRL reserves the right of not accepting any returns and not refunding the clients asking for this, due to sanitary reasons that do not allow us to sell the returned device as a new one.