Activated Charcoal Filters



Megahome activated charcoal filters are essential for your Megahome water distiller as they can remove Volatile Organic Compounds from your water. Volatile Organic Compounds are substances or traces of substances that evaporate together with water and can make your water taste nasty. They fall in the same category as volatile oils, for instance and can be removed from the water using the activated charcoal filters we provide. This way, your water will not taste, have odour or colour. The box contains 12 filters, we recommend you to change the charcoal sachet every month, so, a bag of filters will last for at least a year. The content of the sachet is 100 % natural charcoal, so, no need to worry for anything. You will get an extra pack of 6 charcoal filters in your Megahome gift box, they should last for at least half a year.


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